Friday, May 15, 2009

“Share the Health: Training People with Disabilities and Chronic Medical Conditions on How to Locate Quality Health Information

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Virtual Ability Island Opening

Must really get back into writing posts... I blame Twitter.. I think it's marvellous but it takes away the edge a little bit to write on the blogs about it again.. This you must read! Virtual Ability has the absolute best and most beautiful Orientation Isand to learn getting around in Second Life.

Alliance Library System is pleased to make the final report for the project “Share the Health” available on the web at

This project was funded with a contract from the National Library of Medicine Greater Midwest Region.

“We are very pleased that this project accomplished so much in terms of helping people with disabilities and chronic health conditions learn where to find credible health information and also how to navigate the virtual world of Second Life,” stated Kitty Pope, ALS Executive Director. “Much of this population is homebound and virtual worlds give them the opportunity to experience things they would not otherwise get to do.”

Virtual Ability, the new orientation center for people with these conditions in Second Life, was partially funded through this project. Virtual Ability was a recent co-winner of the prestigious Linden Prize with Studio Wikitecture. There were over 230 entries and this is the first vendor award of its type in virtual worlds.

“The many library services available in Second Life increase it’s utility for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions. The resources on HealthInfo Island are particularly pertinent,” stated Alice Krueger, president of Virtual Ability, Inc. “ We were pleased to partner with ALS in developing the intake and new resident orientation facilities on Virtual Ability Island, adjoining HealthInfo Island on the east.”

They also have created a Netvibes Universe Public Page : Share The Health VAI ALS

Here is an impression!

Virtual Ability Island Opening

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