Sunday, December 25, 2011

Virtual Ability Island : still the best new residents SL orientation Island!

Next to HealthInfo Island is:

Virtual Ability Island opened to the public in August 2008, and is the first island Virtual Ability developed.  It provides the home for our new resident orientation and training, developed for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.  Here, new residents can learn Second Life® fundamentals in an accessibility-friendly environment, and existing residents can receive ongoing training and information about health-related issues and support groups.  This island was created through a partnership with the Alliance Library System.

Through the new account signup process on our web site, or through the Community Gateway program, new residents have their avatar arrive at the beginning of the New Resident Orientation Course on Virtual Ability Island when they log in to Second Life® for the first time.

There, the new resident begins a self guided training course that teaches the basic virtual world skills of movement, communication, inventory, orienting and appearance.

More experienced residents can learn additional skills at the Advanced Tutorials area, including photography, creating a profile, virtual world money, clothing, groups, society, and textures.

Specially trained Virtual Ability Mentors are available on the island or by appointment to assist any resident.

Virtual Ability island also contains two small classrooms for training and discussion groups, and a large accessible auditorium for community meetings and presentations.