Sunday, January 08, 2012

"Mental" disabilities: social and educational issues : notes and extra info

Note: this page presents working notes for a presentation to be given on Jan 5.  Since these are working notes in progress, some contents will probably change.  

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Segmented lecture-discussion format

The segments (six)  are as indicated in the notes below.  I will give a brief (about 8 minutes) summary of the past and current state of each issue, then host a discussion for about 15 minutes.  The reason I chose this format will be apparent in the discussions.  
During the presentation, I will have  a BOP* poster (instead of a slide show) nearby.  I will also have a poster-giver with a web link for those using a viewer that lacks  BOP capability.  
*BOP = Browser on Prim
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"Waiting for Godot" 
Terms and concepts as I will use them
  • Mental illness:  Non- technical term applied to serious disorders that present* as behavioral problems.  *All  behavior is generated by the brain, including that attributed to "the mind"
  • Disabiliy: A serious limitation imposed by some physical condition.  Note that "serious" here is defined by circumstances.
"Mental" disabilities: social and educational issues
Segment 1. The major mental disorders "Psychoses"